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Welcome to Seattle Wing Chun

Our Mission
  • Learn great fighting skills
  • Build energy and health
  • Practice being who you want to be through Wing Chun
  • Keep the art of traditional Wing Chun alive
Our Practice

Wing Chun is a unique Southern Chinese martial art. Training consists of empty hand forms, chi sau (sticking hands), wooden dummy training, sand bag training, footwork and kicking, weapons training, and freestyle sparring. Due to its simplicity, economy of motion, explosive short-range power, centerline theory and sensitivity, Wing Chun is unparalleled in close quarter fighting.

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How It Works

Wing Chun utilizes position, structure, and sensitivity to gain timing, speed, and power rather than brute force and athleticism. Muscle strength fades with age but precise structure and use of internal energy can be developed regardless of your age and physical make up. Precise positioning and use of sensitivity will help you find openings in your opponent and utilizing your whole body together in a relaxed and rooted way will enable you to deliver a lot of energy. In addition to learning how to be an effective fighter, Wing Chun builds strength and energy, calms the mind, and trains you to be present.

The word Kung Fu means hard work or practice. Developing true ability in Wing Chun, or any martial art, requires dedication, persistence, and a hunger to improve. We are looking for people who want to develop as fighters, as individuals and to be a part of a group of like-minded students. We offer ongoing classes for all levels as well as regular introductions for beginners.

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Who Is The Teacher

The class is lead by Stephen Elaimy, who been practicing Wing Chun since 1992 and has been the head instructor at Seattle Wing Chun since 2000. He is in the Yip Man - Leung Sheung - Kenneth Chung lineage. See the lineage link for his biography.

The class has a small, friendly, and hardworking group. You will receive hands on training from the instructor. To schedule a time to start training or to learn more about Seattle Wing Chun, email

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